Wednesday, 5 September 2012

First date outfit nightmares!

Ohh it’s a tricky old battlefield! Of course a lot of it depends on where you’re going, the season etc, but on the whole what do you go for?

Personally I love autumn (and judging by numerous blog posts and Pinterest I am not alone in this) it gives you the great opportunity to be just cosy enough to not worry about exposing too much, sweating, getting cold in that floaty dress somewhere with the aircon wacked up etc etc but not so bundled up its hard to tell if you are a woman or some lovechild of the Michelin man and pillsbury dough boy under all those layers!

I am still really loving the leggings/shorts look – ESPECIALLY when teamed with my oh-so cute, but not so girly brown knee highs. Am I a bit behind the fashion times here? Are leggings still in? Ech I don’t care – I’ve never been a fashion follower. But Panda thinks these are too casual for a first date.

So second option – a fail-safe of black fitted jeans. Ah the safety of a classic piece! But…then heels are needed. And given the season I am veering towards my skyscraper heel shoe-boots. All very well in theory until you consider the cobbles of the Southbank.

Not to mention that inherently I am a practical gal. We have already established this date will probably contain a fair amount of mooching along the river sampling various ale-houses (hehe, never said that before – never plan to again!) and whilst I am very comfy in my heels, I will be crippled after a few hours of walking on cobbles and I HATE being that girl that wears heels and then moans.

On a first date a few months ago I wore new heels that gave me a blister the size of a small egg that I literally couldn’t walk on the next day. Although I didn’t moan one little bit – that is not an experience I am keen to repeat!

As for the top? I have a brand new floaty top (with owls on it…I kid you not) which I think teemed with tight jeans will work well.  I plan never EVER to repeat my teenage mistakes of flaunting everything. It’s not a good look. Boobs, legs or bum. Pick one and accentuate it, but be modest elsewhere is my motto.
I don’t think I can get away with that cosy hoodie though so the coat situation needs some thinking. And I havn’t even thought about hair and makeup. Let alone the fact that I may also be concealing a hangover and late night out due to a certain Panda’s birthday the night before…

Am I the only one that stresses this much about what to wear on a first date? To me they are the most important looks-wise. You only ever make one first impression. (Oh did I not mention this was a guy I met online?) Second, third dates etc I stop worrying so much but first dates its all about getting that perfect balance of feminity, sexiness, but “oh this thrown together look?” whilst still being comfy.

Comfort is a big thing for me and it takes a lot to make me sacrifice it! Heck I’d live in a hoodie if I thought I could get aaway with it like that kid and his parka from East is East!

Ugh men have it so easy! Shirt, jeans = done. Please, someone tell me that men stress before getting ready for a date. It would make me feel so much better!

 Tell us what you wear on a first date.

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