Staying Safe

We don't want this to come across as preachy or like being back at school. But as long as we run a blog that talks about dating, sex and having fun we will be advocaters of making smart choices and always ALWAYS putting your health and safety above all else. Especially if there may be some younger readers finding their way to us. 

We do not claim to be the experts or have the final say in contraception. We can link you to professional websites, and we always recommend you speak to your doctor or sexual health clinic about the best form of protection for you. 

But here are our top tips and things to remember when staying safe:

  • Always always always use condoms with new partners until you know you have both been tested. Condoms are the ONLY method that will protect you from both pregnancy and STI's. Your partner telling you "I'm clean" is not enough. You are the only person who can take 100% responsibility for your health. So tell them to: "Glove it or shove it"

  • However....Condoms are only effective around 97% of the time. Owl and Panda find it gives us peace of mind to also be on a secondary form of protection from pregnancy such as the pill, coil, injection etc. This is your choice, but remember - you could be in that 3%. Not even taking into account ripped condoms, those used incorrectly or *eep* the ones that come off.

  • Make sure you are using your contraception correctly. Incorrectly used condoms, pills not taken on time etc all increase the chances of them being less effective.

  • Know your facts. There are far far too many rumours that fly around schools and the internet. But the biggest one we would like to debunk is this: "The withdrawal method is NOT a safe method of contraception" There are too many factors out of your control - the biggest that most people do not know is "pre-cum". The fella has no control over this and although it contains less sperm it still can get you pregnant.  Don't believe us? Speak to your doctor.
  • Get yourself tested - regularly. For the greatest peace of mind you may want to consider doing this with every new partner.
  • If you do have unprotected sex, know your options in advance. The most popular is "the morning after pill". Make an appointment with your GP immediately - it is most effective the sooner it is used.
  • Condoms are free from a variety of places both in the UK and the USA. We know they are not for everyone, but if you think contraception is expensive or a hassle - how much more so will a baby or STI be?
On the final note of underage sex. We aren't here to preach, but remember - the law is there for a reason, and whether you like it or not it is there to protect you. We want you to remember this especially if one of you is under the age of consent as there will be very serious repercussions for the partner who is over the age of consent (16 in the UK, 18 in most of the USA)

There is nothing wrong with having fun and enjoying yourself. What consenting adults choose to do and with whom is entirely their choices. But we want you to stay safe whilst you do it. 

If you have any questions on these issues, feel free to ask us our opinions and we will be happy to share. But remember they are only our opinions, and whilst we can signpost you to other potentially helpful sites or articles, ultimately if it is a question of your health, always speak to a professional. 

The NHS has further information on staying safe and we recommend you read more here

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