About Grab a Spoon

The Owl and The Pandabear’s friendship was born out of a love of Friends, wine, chocolate cake, social media and generally just “getting” each other in a world where other people looked at them like they were mad.

After being plunged into the world of dating, Pandabear and Owl were a consistent source of advice to each other. These were often in the form of referencing Friends quotes. Isn’t it funny how you come out with the most insightful titbits and advice when its being given to someone else and can never come up with the same for yourself?

That’s what we discovered, and on one random Sunday morning Facebook chat discussing the weekends dating events we jokingly said “we should write a manual” Later that day an equally random Twitter chat about setting up a Friends quotes Twitter-feed emerged, the two ideas came together and “GrabaSpoon” was born.

We don’t claim to be experts on the field of dating. We don’t often subscribe to “generally accepted dating rules” but we do realise most of the world does (see one of our dilemmas already!) we use our knowledge of male friends and past relationships to influence our thinking but we most certainly don’t claim to know what men are thinking! In fact it’s the not knowing that is the reason this blog exists in the first place.

(For you lovely lads who stumble across our blog please – PLEASE feel free to comment and give us some feedback that we can share with our readers. This will of course be anonymous. J)

So that’s about it. Have a read, have a giggle, ask us our advice and share your stories. We would like this to be an open and honest community where everyone’s thoughts and ideas are shared and can hopefully help others make it through the scary world of dating!

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