About Owl

Owl is slap bang in her mid-20's and has been through quite a variety of relationships, from the too old for her  "bad boy" in her teens through to the "she was too mature for him" mama's boy. Actually there were a couple of those...

She has been in a Long Distance Relationship and was even meant to marry that one. After having her heart broken, she suddenly found herself in this scary world of "dating" - something she had never before experienced, having always done the very British thing of ending up with someone you sort of already knew!

Owl loves chocolate, geeking out about the things she loves and taking too many photographs. She will always harbour an addiction for Starbucks mochas and talks for England but listens attentively to her friends. She makes bad jokes, a great cup of tea and occasionally...trouble.

Her favourite features in a partner are soulful eyes, a cheeky smile and a goofy sense of humour. She also likes guys that take that chance....because life's just too short.

Owl's favourite posts:

The lure of the badboy - what IS it that makes them so appealing?
50 Shades of kink - is it wrong to do something you enjoy? ;)
Christmassy dates - I love Christmas SO much! 
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