Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A shot of confidence- with extra cream please!

One day I was meeting Owl for a coffee at a certain coffee shop in a certain London Tube Station. I went up to the counter to order my hot chocolate (extra dairy for me, although I think I may be lactose intolerant...) Anyway, I looked behind me and there was this SUPERFIT guy behind me in the line! Oh, the beauty! His body was well fit, muscular and toned, legs not too thin, biceps not too massive. I quickly realised with a body like that in the whole gym get-up, he must be a gym instructor or something.

I like 'em tall, dark and handsome
 with cream!
Not too sure what came over me. One second I'm paying for my hot chocolate, the next I'm joking with Mr Gym that he's having no milk and I'm having extra cream in my drink! (or something to that effect... I guess you'd have to be there to have laughed along...) Anyway, I had to get back to the table as Owl was guarding the comfy seats on her own, and last time she did that she had to fight off abuse from a cantankerous old man...

So I went back to the seats and Mr Gym left with his drink, nodding and smiling a farewell at me as he went. Mmmm, watching him walk away was a treat! Don't judge me! That's how I noticed that his phone number was printed on his T-shirt, turns out he was a personal trainer after all.

It also turns out that my short term memory capacity isn't all that bad either, because as he bopped off out of my life, I was able to memorise his contact details long enough to find my phone in my sack I call a handbag, and send him a text, something along the lines of "I hope you enjoy the coffee, sans milk". When Owl came back to the table I told her the whole thing. He texted back immediately, something along the lines of "Thank you, enjoy your extra cream x" (I know for a fact there was a kiss at the end). Perhaps he was married, or in a relationship, or just out of a relationship or something (it couldn't possibly be that he just wasn't interested!)

Anyway, I guess the whole point of the story is that I took a chance. I went for it. And that's something I haven't been able to do in a long time. And although it may not have played out how I would've hoped, it's still a step in the right direction as far as my confidence is concerned.

Yep, being single can be quite awesome. I look forward to enjoying it more :)

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