Monday, 15 October 2012

The sweet rewards of resisting temptation

Owl found herself in a very interesting situation this weekend.

I recently stared dating "ELB" - a lovely young man who I am quite excited about if truth be told! However whilst working an event, I was presented with a very attractive American who also seemed to have taken quite an interest in me.

I put this interest purely down to a "boys on tour" attitude and wanting to have a bit of fun overseas. Nothing wrong with that - we've all been there! And I'd be lying to you if I were to say I was not tempted as he was yummy! Arms like a Greek God (tattooed none the less), sparkly eyes and a confidence that oozed out of him like an intoxicating drug that left you slightly giddy.

This was a week long event, and the tension built little by little until the final night where there were direct propositions being made to our innocent little Owl (*cough cough*) And honestly I was tempted. I kept playing over in my head how it would go, how exciting it would be, but there were a couple of voices telling me firmly "no".

The first (most obviously) is as it was a work event, this is not the height of professionalism. But the second - and biggest was the thoughts of ELB. He kept swimming into the front of my mind, and I knew there was no way I could or would jeopardise what I think we might possibly be working towards.

Please don't think that this was a decision on whether to cheat or not. At this point me and ELB had had no such conversations about whether we were exclusive or not - in fact almost the opposite as he works through some things. But to have a night like that before a weekend of romance that had been in the planning for 2 weeks? To literally go from one bed to the next. *shudders* I just couldn't, it's not me, it's not who I am.

And you know what really got me? A text he sent me that night that went something like this:

"I'm going to bed early, the sooner I get to sleep the sooner it's tomorrow - just like Christmas!"

I mean c'mon, who's heart wouldn't melt a little at that? I know mine did! And it was re-reading that text, re-playing the smile it brought to my face over and over again that made me know my door was staying firmly locked and I was going nowhere near the American.

Although the next morning it was hard to get him out of my head. The temptation had burrowed itself into a corner of my mind that threatened to drive me a little crazy - until I saw ELB walking up my road and he gave me one of those greetings you only really see in the movies. A smile and a kiss that made my heart race and pushed all other thoughts out of my head.

And now, at the end of a delightful weekend, I think about how I would have felt at the end of a night of passion with the American, and how I feel now – I know I made the right choice. Proof, that although sometimes it feels so good to give into temptation, sometimes it is worth so much more to resist it and hold out for greater gratification.

Especially when its an almost straight up choice between the quintessential “badboysexgod” with the eyes, the accent, the flirtation and the Good Guy. The one that will rub your feet and cook for you, pour you wine whilst telling you you’re beautiful and make you feel so many more things than one night of passion ever would. 

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