Sunday, 12 August 2012

Top 10 reasons why dating is awesome

  • We decided to make our first blog post a bit fun, to give you an idea of the conversations that happen between Owl and Panda, and an insight into our dating worlds. So here you have our top 10+ reasons why we think dating is great!
    (This is an actual transcript of our Facebook conversation discussing this!)

    Owl: So what should our first blog post be about? 

    Panda: How about a how to guide or a list or a top 10?

    O: Ooh yeah top 10! "Top 10 reasons why dating rules?"

    P: "No 1. You get a lot of free meals"

    O: "Hmm I'm not sure I agree with that one, but ok a definite reason! How about...getting to explore and find out new places?"

    P: Okay, No 3: you get to dress up! minus the stress of finding something to wear... your turn!

    O: Yes! Thats a good one! Umm...that excited gooey feeling when they text you? That feelings awesome!

    P: 5 You have met someone who likes you and wants to get to know you better in person... yeah, that is nice!

    O: I guess this kind of links in but the geek in me makes this another point. Discovering those shared interests and "ME TOO!" moments.

    P: first kisses

    O: "Second kisses" (had to get a friends quote in there!)

    P: Lol! Talking about it with your friends! 

    O: Flirting smile

    P: Sweet texts 

    O: hehe amen to that one! What are we up to now? 

    P: 11 lol. Should we stop? Because I think I can probably think of 10 reasons why dating sucks sometimes

    O: I think thats a whole other blog post! grin How about we round it off with the all round fuzzy feeling (I wont say butterflies) you get? 

    P: Ah, yes, fuzzy. We loves fuzzy lol

     Tell us why you think dating is awesome! 

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